Have you ever noticed how every house has its own distinctive smell? And no two houses ever smell the same, with none being as comforting as that of your own home? You may not realise the effect of the scents in your space as they have become so familiar. But you are aware we’re sure of the feeling as you take that first step across the threshold after a long day at work. Once everything is offloaded on the counter, you take a slow breath in, and let out a sigh of relief as you think “Ahhhh… home”.

How your heart is put in your home

“Home is where the heart is”, is a familiar saying to many people, as your home is a place of rest, shelter, comfort and gathering. The sense of having a home is important as it gives us a place to return at days end and call our own. Throughout your life, the smell of your home will deeply impact your experiences, whether you are aware of it or not.

Try thinking back to a time when you moved into a new house and found yourself feeling misplaced in the foreign space. You had signed the papers, had all your boxes unpacked, but with keys in your hand, you stood in a house that was not yet a home. As time progressed, you re-arranged your furniture – moving this from here to there, added in some more décor, maybe got your first home plant (or second if the first one died…) and gradually settled in, as you created a new home where your heart could be happy. This process of physical adjustment is called Nesting.

What is nesting?

When you hear the term nesting, you may think of birds in a tree, preparing for their hatching eggs, however, this is a term used to describe the settling process of adjusting to one’s home, or better yet, adjusting one’s home to them. Traditionally, it was applied to the compulsive need of pregnant women to organise and clean the house in preparation for their arriving child, so kind of like a bird… However, it is also used to describe the settling tendencies of people in a new home environment to recreate the familiar sense of feeling at home.

University: Your first-time nesting

With the start of the new year having recently passed, university freshers (first years), have made their first appearances on campus, wandering around confused, enthusiastic and naively confident about the prospects of the university career that lay ahead of them. This is the start of a new chapter in their book and the first introduction into entry-level adulting. The shift from school to university is incredibly daunting for some. With an upheaval out of the familiar into a new space to be called home, a new environment in which they must learn, new people to make friends with, a new life of freedom and individual identity to be discovered. So, all in all, a lot of change to cope with but it’s an exciting adventure, nonetheless.

It is among all this change that students get their first taste of the nesting process in creating a more personalised, warm and homely space out of whatever accommodation they may be in. In the interest of understanding this, we did some research at the University of Cape Town to get an idea of what the experienced students did to create a “home away from home”. The students we spoke to, are living in a variety of accommodations – digs, apartments and res, with a soaring 95% considering themselves to be ‘house proud’.

We asked them a little about what they consider to be the key elements in making their space comfortable and the common answers included their décor, good food, personal items, cleanliness as well as photos and other mementos from home. Furthermore, ¾ of these students confirmed they were using home fragrances to make their space smell like home, bring back memories, create calmness and reflect their efforts. The stats are interesting but what do they really mean? Well…  they show that fragrance is a significant element, used by students, to create their homely sanctuary in and amongst all the change they face in university life. In doing so, that they have created a space to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. By using a reed diffuser, students are able to create a sanctuary unique to them and their personality. Not only that, but they can also use a reed diffuser to mask any unwelcome smells that may arise from not doing laundry for a week. We trust that most students keep their homes clean, but you know, just in case…

What about you?

So why not try it too? Since students do it, we can certainly assure you that it is a cost-effective way of feeling more connected to your space. You can make use of beautiful fragrances that tailor your home to your personal taste, making a comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating space. From our large selection of fragrances, you can select a Reed Diffuser that will either take you down memory lane, calm your mind or just make you feel good.

Step into your home and lose yourself in the incredible aroma released from your Reed Diffuser.