Often, there are instances that prevent us from having a regular 9 to 5 job. You could be a stay at home parent, you may be a student who can’t work a full-day job yet or you could just be out-of-luck in the job department. We may have a solution for you to earn some extra cash while being your own boss. Reed Diffusers hopes to empower individuals that wish to start a small-scale business.

What is a distributor?

A distributor is an individual that purchases a certain amount of products at reseller value and will then resell these items to customers. It’s as simple as that.

To become a Reed Diffuser Distributor, you will need to buy a starter pack that consists of sample bottles of each scent to show to potential customers. You need to purchase a minimum of 20 units to qualify for reseller prices. You can get a variety of scents for the various preferences of your customers.

This can be seen as a type of ‘affiliate marketing’ which is a type of performance-based marketing in which you are rewarded for each customer who has purchased a Reed Diffuser via your own marketing efforts.

How to get started

Simply contact us and we can start the process. You will be a representative of BrandScents as well as Reed Diffusers where you assist people in scenting their space (big or small) with the most unique and incredible fragrances best suited to their needs.

Be Your Own Boss

You will be provided with your very own Reed Diffuser kit. The kit will contain;

  • Reed sets
  • Various types and sizes of bottles
  • Sample scents
  • Embellishments/ finishes
  • Labels (can be specially branded)

Reed Diffusers can be sold for;

  • Corporate gifts
  • Giveaways
  • Personal use

Tips & Tricks

New business endeavours can be daunting so we have some tips and tricks that ensure you’ll be a total success.

How/where to sell:

Social media

Be Your Own Boss

Advertising and marketing your Reed Diffusers on Social Media is the best way for you to network and make it known that you have these amazing products to sell that can be personalised.

Host a ‘Reed Diffusers event’

We’ve all heard of a ‘tupperware party’ someone we know has been to. You can host your very own Reed Diffusers parties where people from your inner circle can come together and smell the various scents you have, see the various elements of the Reed Diffuser and get a feel for the product.  

Create a buzz

By using your own Reed Diffuser or chatting about Reed Diffusers in person or on social media, you have the ability to generate a buzz and make people feel like their home is incomplete without a Reed Diffuser.

How to be the best distributor:

Be prepared

Keep your kit up-to-date with everything you need and make sure wherever you go to make a sale or when you host an event, you are able to showcase a wide variety of scents. An incomplete kit reflects badly on you and the brand.

Be knowledgeable

Learn all the ins-and-outs on all the scents you have, understand their notes and how they can make people feel. Try to find the answers to possible questions you may be asked before you are asked to show you know the product inside-out.


Being friendly and approachable will take you a long way. Customers always remember the way you make them feel, this is what can make or break a sale. Good service means you’ll be a great success.

Identify any problems

If you feel like there are any issues with your kit, your scents or selling the Reed Diffusers, you need to understand these problems and find a solution as soon as they arise. This will ensure you stay prepared at all times and eliminate any frustration or drawbacks.

Do your research  

Find out all there is to know about Reed Diffusers as well as BrandScents. You will be properly briefed on both companies but you must make sure you stay up-to-date and ready to answer any questions about either brand.
We want you to be a success and would love to go on this journey with you. If you have any other questions on how to become a Reed Diffusers Distributor, feel free to contact us. Your success is merely a scent away.