Choosing a new career path or starting yours for the first is nerve-wracking but exciting. There are a variety of options for the path you want to take but by becoming a Reed Diffusers distributor, you can work from home and get into the flow of working while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

There are pros and cons to working from home:

Working from home



  • Save money and time on commuting
  • Stress levels are easily managed in your own environment in your own time
  • There are a plethora of free technological advances that make it super simple to check in with office teammates.
  • You can start work as early as you like to harness the most productive hours of your day.


  • Distractions
  • Self-discipline
  • Balancing work time with family time.

Is the balance between work and life even possible? This has been a constant debate and it often feels like you can only give your undivided attention to one or the other. We’re here to tell you there is definitely a way to create a balance.

Starting a new job

Working from home

Whether it’s your first job ever or you’re changing your job, starting something new is daunting. New experiences are exciting but you’re going to be slightly anxious. However, we have some tips to ensure your new endeavour is successful – especially while working from home.


Set goals

Any plan is better than no plan. Even if you create brief, short-term goals, they will give you some indication on where your day is going. This will keep you motivated and keep your days structured so you don’t feel aimless.


Set boundaries

Ensure you don’t spend the entire day working or slacking. By setting boundaries you give your day direction. This means you shouldn’t allow visitors during your ‘working hours’ as you should focus on generating Reed Diffuser sales or creating leads at this time.

The boundaries you need to set are personal to you and should be in line with the goals you have set out for the day.  


Be positive

Creating a positive mindset around your job (especially a new job) is very important. By generating a positive outlook, you will feel less apprehensive about the day ahead and you’ll have a higher chance of being successful.  


Perfect time management skills

At any job, excellent time management skills are important but when working from home, this increases tenfold. When working from home, it is easy to get distracted and lose track of the work needed to be completed, which is why you should create a list of what needs to be done and allocate time slots to each task. By doing this, you will be on track with your tasks by the time you pick up the kids from school or head out for a workout.  


Give yourself a break

Understand that not everything will be perfect and some days you’ll miss you a few tasks on your list. This is normal. Remember to be happy with the work you have completed and work harder the next day to make up for anything missed.


Adjusting to working from home

Working from home

Working from home can be difficult but it is just an adjustment until you get into your new routine. We have some tips to help you adjust:

  • Identify what needs to get done every day and make sure you do it
  • Get up and get ready – you’ll feel way more productive
  • Accept that you’re at the ‘office’ once you’ve assigned the hours you allocate to work
  • Get out of the house and mingle – you cannot be cooped up all day and the best way to make sales is face to face
  • Use online applications to your advantage – whether it’s to keep in contact with other distributors or to sell your Reed Diffusers, online platforms are a cheap and vital resource
  • Contact us if you are struggling with absolutely anything

Creating a balance

While working from home has many advantages, it can start to feel that your workdays are never-ending because your office is where you live, eat and sleep. This makes creating a balance between work and life imperative.

By creating actual working hours that begin in the morning, you have an outlook as to when your downtime is. You will still have your normal day-to-day routine but you just need to make sure that adequate hours are allocated to both work time and downtime.

Working from home

When you create your work time hours, make sure these are productive hours, there is no point in allocating hours to work and then not using them to their full advantage. This means you need to limit your time wasted on social media, doing chores around the house or procrastinating. By ensuring your work hours are productive, you will feel that you can actually relax after the allocated times and you can complete tasks around the house.

In order to create the perfect work-life balance, you need to ensure you have enough downtime. Spend time with your family, take a break and have fun. We were not put on this earth simply to work – we deserve a full, well-rounded life (that smells good too).