The creation of scent memory is a delicate, intricate and necessary art. This aromatic marketing tool builds and recalls emotional loyalties to favoured places. Fragrances are an intrinsic part of your space, particularly in hotels. From the second that your guests walk into your hotel, its fragrance should linger, attract and entice visitors into your scented narrative.

This unique PR tactic is easily achievable with the help of scent marketing. This will enhance your brand experience through the power of a scent. Perfumes are connected to areas in the brain that process memories and emotions. Thus the successful blend of aromas will ensure that your brand has a lasting impression.

Using scent in your hotel

Perfumed marketing has come to the forefront of many industries. The introduction of an aromatic presence determines the story that your company promotes. The diffusion of a scent will soothe, inspire and delight, hoteliers. This proves the importance of unique and brand-defining perfumes for the various spaces in their hotels.

Introduce a signature fragrance in the lobby of your hotel that incorporates woody, warm and inviting scents. This will enhance the natural aesthetics of your hotel. This will create an addictive, fresh and deliciously alluring appeal.

Scents for various hotel rooms


Incorporating a complex blend of subtle scents with mild aromas will create feelings of nostalgia while replicating a cosy and homely feel for your guests. This finish will promote calming effects and hints of relaxation.


In your penthouse suites, the use of a sultry, spicy and rich scent with base notes of woody varieties is the epitome of sophistication. This combination will encapsulate the luxurious and soothing nature of this elegant space.


A fragrant bar that utilises more exotic scents will compliment the array of beverages that are being served. As well as instil a blend of comfort and faint whispers of sophistication.


Use mild and subtle fragrances in your bathroom. The room will have an intimate and multi-layered clean aroma that is both delicate and earthy. Incorporating more plant-based essentials oils into the scenting of your bathrooms will please and delight guests.

Adopting scented aesthetics into your hotel not only emits quality but an experience that is both enduring and emotional. Although interacting on a subconscious level, the addition of Reed Diffusers to your company will enhance the bond between your brand and your guests. This will leave your brand identity translating into an ever-lasting cognitive imprint of multi-sensorial experiences.

So, what story do you want your scent to tell?

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