Is your interior design space stimulating all of the senses? Particularly that of smell?

When developing the aesthetic of the space, its intent and design, its full potential is only reached when a multi-sensorial experience is created. This starts with creating an aromatic sensation.

Introducing a scent into a space helps maintain your intended mood or ambience whilst matching the physical styling of the room. Ensuring synergy between both the visual and aromatic senses will elevate the energy of the space beyond its mere physical appeal.

Importance of scent design

A holistic approach to interior design includes a scented design. When curating the design of your space adding a scented appeal will invite many benefits to your room. Incorporating a scent will help curate the identity of the space and allow guests to indulge in the harmonious flow of visual and aromatic pleasures.

The true success of an environment is dependent on the atmosphere that room creates. Thinking about how all our senses can engage in a cohesive manner will influence the mood that you are trying to create. Scent is known to influence how we interpret and react to visual elements.

Scent design in your home

Measuring your space against both the decor and scent will not only create a pleasant space but lead to a more positive frame of mind.

If you are looking to create the illusion of space or airiness in your home, introducing a heavier scent will juxtapose the intent of the room. Introducing a lighter scent like coco ylang will complement the feel of the space. This will also directly impact the intentions of the visual design.

A room with vibrant green elements will come to life with a correspondingly green scented profile. Adding a full-bodied scent that incorporates more herbal and floral base notes will connect both the physical elements to the aromatic scent.

Guests will be greeted with a synergy that is engaging, comforting and tranquil. This will create a lasting impression that is rooted in the scent of familiarity.


  • Compels the mind to be engaged and interested
  • Prompts mindfulness and smooth transitions
  • Triggers certain moods
  • Connects both intrinsic and physical comfort
  • Moistens and purifies the air

Importance of scent design in your office

Productivity doesn’t always come from within. We often draw motivation from our environment. This can be on a conscious or subconscious level.

Designing an office that continues to influence the productivity of your staff means recognising the science behind productivity. At its most basic level, being in a pleasant or comfortable environment stimulates more creativity than that of claustrophobic stuffy environment.

Research shows that individuals working in a more scenic and stimulating environment are healthier and happier than those that work in more sterile offices.  We understand that not every office can have an ocean view or boardrooms that overlook the skylines. However, we also understand that a scent has a role in the design of a well-functioning and productive workspace.

Incorporating a corresponding scent like rosemary, citrus, jasmine or lavender into your workspace will create synergy and uplift moods and overall productivity.


  • Improve moods
  • Combat fatigue
  • Increase alertness and mental clarity
  • Foster productivity and creativity

Continue to draw inspiration and motivation from the physical aesthetic of your space and compliment it with a balancing scent. If you are looking to scent a smaller space, click here to find the perfect scent.

If you are looking to scent bigger corporate spaces click the link here for our Brand Scents AV aircon scenting systems and scent ranges.