*Jingle* *Jingle* it’s the sound of the keys to your new home in your hand. After a tiring move, you unlock the door, step in and let out a sigh, “finally home!”. The excitement, joy and novelty of buying a new home is an experience that no one ever forgets. It is often this very feeling that home retailers are trying to recreate. The sense of calm, relief and satisfaction of owning a home.

Helping house buyers feel more at home.

Buying a new home is committing to a very long process. This includes paperwork and admin, and this isn’t even the start of the adventure. The true start of the process begins at the viewings. This is when you need to convince someone that this house could be their home. That it is a place where they can create their lifetime memories with friends & family. We’re here to help with a little sensory input of scent.

The smells that surround us

Have you ever noticed, how walking past a bath bomb store immediately makes you feel refreshed and calmed? Or when you smell your morning coffee brewing, you immediately feel yourself perk up, even before your first sip? These are examples of the true impact of smell which filters straight through to our subconscious causing uncontrollable bodily responses, adjusting our mood and energy. When we smell something, it goes directly to an area of the brain called the limbic system.  The limbic system houses memories, is responsible for emotions and has a direct effect on our mood.

Smells are more powerful than we realise and provide a system to capitalise on for a range of things. It’s a tactic used by many retail stores because they have learnt that the longer you spend in a space, the more browsing you’ll do and the more money you’ll spend! Sneaky right? So can you make use of this clever little trick in home retail? Well… as much as we would like to take credit for this great idea, it’s actually already happening! In-home retail, many studies have been done, looking at the impact of smell on home sales and at a most basic level, one thing is clear, good smells attract clients and bad smells send them away, -quite literally in some cases- running for the door!

Ok, so it’s no novelty and we didn’t need science to tell us something we already know! But it actually goes much deeper than this… By effectively scenting an area you too can lengthen the time buyers spend in the space, allowing for a full visualization to take place! As they take their time going through the house, engaged and positively relaxed, they are able to imagine the space as a home of their own to fill with memories. All because of the simple biological pathway through which the smells alter their attention, mood and energy!

Simple Tips and Hints for Effective Scenting

By making a place smell naturally fresher, it relaxes prospective buyers, increases their attention to detail, improves their mood and general experience of the space. Having gotten a true sense of the atmosphere, clients are left with a more memorable impact. So how can we help you make the most of a scent? There’s no harm in giving it a go and to guide you, here are a few tips to help you get the scenting right and sign off that sale!

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Start here: Neutralizing the smell

The biggest repellent for many house sales is an overpowering bad smell which will literally send buyers running. It’s important to consider that not all smells that repel are bad ones. When buying a home, potential buyers need to be able to imagine what the space would be like as their own, without the scent of someone else’s home restricting this visualization process. So to neutralize the scent -of both foul and foreign smells- we have a quick and easy trick for you to use and it’s… BAKING SODA!

Sorry what?! Weird we know but this powder has some crazy absorption abilities! All you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda around the house. Now the aim is NOT to make the space look like you dropped a bag of flour.  All you need is a light dusting around the house. Then, after about 15 minutes, the magic has been worked and the smells have been absorbed, immediately neutralizing the air. Finally, to finish it off, a quick and easy vacuum up of the powder and a well-placed Reed Diffuser is all you need to scent the perfect space.

And just like that, the house is inviting and fresh.

A little tip: What’s your number

Next, you need to consider how many scents you are going to use. As much as you want to give a true ‘sense’ of the space, you’d be better off using as few as possible. Ideally, one scent would be most effective, especially in an open plan space, however in larger, traditional ‘closed layout’ houses, there is room (well many rooms) to play with different smells. Using different scents in each room may help guide the viewer in the experience of a particular mood, commonly felt in that room for example:

  • Lavender in the bedroom
  • Fresh lemongrass in the kitchen
  • Warm pine in the lounge

You want to avoid a sensory overload causing confusion with dramatic changes. So keep it simple with gentle transitions between different diffusers in each room, or play it safe with single scent reed diffusers strategically placed throughout the home.

Some hints for choice: What’s your scent?

Now that you’ve neutralized and decided on your number it’s time to select the right smell for the space. When scenting a property on show you want to keep it simple, natural and fresh with scents that increase relaxation, attentiveness and induce a positive attitude. Why don’t you try a subtle hint of:

  • Lavender
  • Herbs
  • Citrus
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Vanilla

Making use of this little tactic can enrich the buyer’s experience, making a sign off more likely and they’ll remember the house due to the scent-tag you’ve unconsciously conditioned them to associate with that home. Now that you have all the tools to unlock property potential, make the most of each viewing, enhance the familiarity and allow for a positively memorable experience keeping them hooked on the idea that this house could be their home.

Freshen up, relax and explore the sense-or power of home scenting with our range of home reed diffusers!