Picking the right reed diffuser for your space can be a daunting task, particularly as you look for a scent that matches your personality, style and mood that you’re trying to create. We all want to experience the transformative powers and elevating energy of reed diffusers. Truthfully though, some of us need a little guidance on how to choose the right one.

Follow these tips and you’ll meet your Reed Diffuser match!

1.       Rattan Reeds

Make sure that your reed diffusers use rattan reed sticks. Many reed diffusers use bamboo; however, bamboo doesn’t work in reed diffusers because it has horizontal platforms on the interior which block the flow of scent. Rattan is the highest quality reed as its channels absorb and hold the oil better.

2.       High-quality essential oils

For a more natural fragrance and quality aroma, ensure that your reed diffuser uses high-quality oil from a reputable supplier. This will help strengthen the presence of your scent whilst allowing it to better engage with your sense of smell.

3.       Narrow neck bottles

Although you have free reign to choose an aesthetically pleasing bottle, the physical design of it is important. We advise choosing a bottle that has a narrow neck opening. This will ensure that your precious oils are not evaporated through the opening but rather through the rattan reeds.

4.       Complementary scent blend

Picking the perfect Reed Diffuser requires you to choose a scent that compliments your space and the mood that you are trying to create. Rich scents like wood and spices tend to warm up a room while the fresher scents like mint, apple and citrus will cool a space.  The size of the space is also important. Citrus notes evaporate faster and may not hang in the air for as long as heavier base notes do. At the end of the day, there isn’t really a right or wrong way to scent a room and you can’t really make a mistake – its all about picking a scent that resonates with you and that makes you happy.  As Marie Kondo says, “Does it spark joy?” 

5.       Aesthetic

As important as a scent is, choose a reed diffuser that aesthetically matches the design and existing décor in your space. Allow both the scented and physical look of your reed diffuser to complement your interior design vision. Choose a sleek, simple and classic look that communicates your personal style.

Bonus point: as a means of aromatherapy, choose a scent that is known for its added health benefits. This is a definite plus as you allow the healing makeup of reed diffusers to also contribute to your mental health.

Now that you are well-informed on how to pick the perfect reed diffuser, click here for our range of Reed Diffusers that tick all the boxes!