There are many untold benefits of Reed Diffusers. This natural scenting system proves to be an aromatherapy essential. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.



  1.       A long-lasting scent

This isn’t your typical scented candle that has a limited burn time. Our Reed Diffusers give off a continuous aroma. Our warm, earthy and robust fragrances don’t require electricity, a flame or batteries! They are pretty much zero maintenance.

  1.       An aesthetic visual accessory

We have carefully curated our bottle designs. They don’t only complement but balance the existing visuals of your space. Our designs are classic, simple and traditionally luxurious. They promise to become a modern decorative piece in any room. 

  1.       Put them wherever you want

Reed Diffusers can be placed anywhere in your home. One of our Instagram followers used our Reed Diffusers as decorative pieces in her entrance hall.

Our delicate scents have YOU in mind. They’re specifically designed to enhance the feel of any room. From the mood, energy and aura. From corridors to bathrooms and bookshelves – push the boundaries… anything goes!

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  1.       They’re flameless!

Reed Diffusers are perfectly safe! No heat or flames are involved in the dispersion of the scent. Our scents are therefore free of unwanted smoke. They’re also free of harmful toxins. This unheated method of aromatherapy also protects the therapeutic nature of our oils. 

  1.       Aromatherapy benefits

The supportive, healing and sedative properties of our Reed Diffusers make it a favoured aromatherapy tool. They boast boosted energy, restful sleep and stress relief. Their impact on your emotional and mental wellbeing are unmatched.

Infuse your space with a fresh sense of rejuvenation and restoration. Just click here to purchase our Diffusers. They promise to that matches the emotional and physical demands of your space.