The art of intentional scenting has continued to change the way we design and interact with various spaces. However, it is interesting to note how many misconceptions have arisen around Reed Diffusers. We have taken the liberty to debunk some of the biggest myths!

1. Not much thought has to go into choosing a scent

Although you have free reign to choose your scent of choice, we suggest taking a more comprehensive approach. When picking a Reed Diffuser consider the décor and aesthetics of the room. Match the intentions of the space with a complementary aroma. This will help you create a complete sensory experience!


2. Reed Diffusers should be kept in a dark area of the room

There is a common misconception about the preservation of Reed Diffusers. Although we advise keeping the diffuser out of direct sunlight, you definitely don’t need to hide it in the dark. Our bottle designs also act as a visual décor piece – so definitely display your Reed Diffuser and experience both its visual and scented appeal.

3. The best way to smell a Reed Diffuser is on a test card

This is a common way to smell most perfumes. However, with our Diffusers, you can also smell the scented reeds. This will give you an accurate smell of the fragrance.


4. Scenting is not an art form

People often see art as more visual cues or elements. Fragrance design is very much an art form in its own right. Our perfumers transform various oils into tangible scents (that we know you’ll love). These scents then add to the energy and intentions of your space!


5. The stronger the scent, the better it will smell

This is one of the most common myths concerning Reed Diffusers! Stronger scents do not equate to better smells at all. It has to do with the oil concentration of the various ingredients. So, don’t be mistaken, your more subtle Reed Diffuser scents will smell just as good.


Reed Diffusers aim to nurture and innovate your creativity by providing you with an array of incredibly crafted scents. 

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