Reed Diffusers and scented candles are often our go-to scenting products. They both smell great, provide us with a vibrant scent and bring fresh energy into our space. Although both share many similarities, they do have many differences. So, we put them both to the test.


How each one emits a scent

Reed Diffusers

Many have described Reed Diffusers as a liquid air freshener. They come in narrow-necked bottles with rattan sticks that are inserted into the diffuser oil. The rattan sticks are porous, allowing the small channels to absorb the liquid. The full-bodied scent is then dispersed throughout your room – when air moves across the rattan sticks. 


Candles are an infusion of both fragrant oils and wax that are bound together. The fragrances are only released once the wick is lit and the wax is melted. The heat allows the oils to become active; diffusing its scent throughout the room.


Time to battle it out

Round 1: Continuous fragrance

Candles require activation (lighting the candle) in order for the scent to be released. This means that it does not provide your room with a continuous fragrance. You essentially control when the aroma is released.

Reed Diffusers provide your space with a continuous fragrance. Once you’ve placed the rattan reeds into the liquid, the diffuser does the rest! You are guaranteed a pleasant aroma throughout the day.

Round 2: Long-lasting properties

Most candles have a 100 hour burn time, which equates to 4 days.  Reed diffusers can last for 2 months, which is 60 days, so they last 15 times longer

Round 3: Maintenance/clean-up

Candles require quite a bit of maintenance. If your candle does not come in a jar, you will have to be cautious about where it is placed as you will have to clean melted wax. This means that you will have to place a plate or tray beneath it to ensure that dripping wax does not ruin your furniture. Candles in jars also require you to hollow out the area near the wick so that it can be lit.

Reed Diffusers are the epitome of low maintenance and zero clean-up. Once the rattan sticks are placed inside the oil, you barely have to touch the Reed Diffuser again. The only maintenance required is removing or adding rattan sticks depending on how strong you would like the scent to be and flipping the reeds every few days if you want the scent to be stronger.  

Round 4: Placement possibilities

When placing your candle in a room you must be cognizant of the fact that it is a flammable product. This means that a candle should not be lit near materials or areas where it could fall. Candles, therefore, have to be lit with someone present in the room.

Reed Diffusers can be placed pretty much anywhere in any room! Feel free to leave for vacation and your Reed Diffuser is perfectly safe without your constant supervision. The possibilities are endless.


The verdict

Although scented candles have earned their rightful place as one of the top scenting options, Reed Diffusers are clearly less fussy than candles. This clear winner also allows you to find comfort in its simplicity.

Whether you are looking to create a sense of comfort, aromatic delights, or just merely adding a stunning decorative touch, nothing pulls a room together better than a Reed Diffuser. Click here to explore our entire range.