Human beings have been lulling themselves to sleep for many years now. During ancient times, Egyptians would burn myrrh and frankincense to induce sleep. Romans used chamomile to increase their relaxation and cure insomnia. Did you know that even Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’ advocated for aromatherapy?

Various scents have proved to help promote positive moods that often lead to restfulness. We explored our entire range of Reed Diffusers and chose our top 6 scents that will help improve your quality of sleep.



Did you know that lavender is one of the most searched scents on the internet? Beyond its sweet smell, its popularity is also rooted in its ability to act as a sleep remedy. Lavender eases agitation and restlessness. This scent will also promote longer and deeper sleep.


          Eases restlessness

          Treats insomnia

          Decreases blood pressure and heart rate



This rich and decadent scent is known for its positive effect on your mood. It has also been known to possess anti-depressant properties. Our Vanilla Reed Diffuser will help create the perfect environment for deep sleep!


          Has antidepressant properties

          Increases mood of relaxation

          Promotes a sense of calm



Did you know that rose oils help treat stress, tension and anxiety? Our Rose scent will help relax your body, preparing your body for rest. This is the perfect natural sleep aid.


          Relaxes the body

          Eases aches and pains

          Treats mental health issues



Our Sandalwood Reed Diffuser is incredibly smooth, warm and earthy. This intricate scent is known to increase theta brain activity. This sends signals of drowsiness. 


          Increases theta waves

          Helps those suffering from allergies sleep


Ylang Ylang

The sweet oil of the Ylang Ylang flower is often used to treat insomnia in Thailand. This scent will help promote sleep as it eases tension experienced before bed. Ylang Ylang will also help ease your mind and decrease anxiety.


          Improved quality of sleep

          Decreases hypertension

          Increases overall relaxation



When looking at the composition of Jasmine, it has proved to be a natural sleep promoter. This sleeping aid soothes anxiety, lowers your heart rate and encourages longer sleep. Jasmine will also improve your overall mood.


          Promotes a sense of calm

          Has sedative effects

          Decrease heart rate, aiding in better sleep


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