Baby Powder


Unlike the overtly infantile or sweet baby powder aromas; the baby powder scent grows up and gets a stylish upgrade with the addition of dry amber undertones and a musty tone. With sweet powdery floral delights mixed with delicate, fresh and light aromas of the talc, your space is bound to feel clean. 

With a bright, sheer and transparent approach to a scent, Baby Powder’s base notes get an airy blend of soft and comforting aromas. Let Reed Diffusers take you through a moment of innocence and pleasure with our ironically contemporary powder scent. 

This fragrance is not only for expectant Moms, or Moms yearning to turn back the clock and hold little ones in their arms again.  It is soft, powdery, clean and nostalgic and you will love using it on your dressing table in your bedroom or in a guest suite.

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